An Analysis of Georg Friedrich Haas's "in vain"
Hebrew Prayer Books
Moving in Sacred Time: Metrical Interactions Between Body and Voice in Jewish and Greek Orthodox Liturgical Chant
Behind the Wallpaper: For Voice, String Quartet & Electronics

Dr. Alex Temple

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Historically Informed Performance of the Baroque Villancico de Negro Subgenre in a Contemporary Setting

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Exploring New Mediums of Musical Performance Through Technology

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An Annotated Catalog of Marimba Concertos with Winds

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An Analysis of Georg Friedrich Haas's "in vain"
Selected Early Italian Songs of Mario Catstelnuovo-Tedesco

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Compositional Possibilities of New Interactive and Immersive Digital Formats

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Church Choir
The Lost Concerto-Arias of Johann Schelle: Thomaskantor 1677-1701

Dr. Stephen Spinelli, III

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The History and Semiotics of Early Electronic Advertising Music

Dr. Alex R. Temple