Diversity & Inclusion

Black Lives Matter.

Donna believes in "Well done is better than well said" as she continues to learn in her diversity and inclusion journey and advocacy. From being a part of the Northwestern Changemakers cohort #5, Listening to Black Students academic advising committee, LGBTQIA allyship training, and a McCormick Mental Health Ally.



One thing that Donna cares greatly about is education and education equity for all students. With her two kids in District 65, Donna is involved in the PTA community at Walker and Chute, including PTA Council. Ensuring that students have equal ground and the right equipment for learning success is something that Donna advocates for.  With the  December 2017 TWI proposal, please see the handout that Donna shared with Board members for consideration as for Bessie Rhodes School.



Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math - Every child deserves to have a full offering and opportunity of Enrichment and Clubs. With Donna's background in both traditional STEM focus and the Arts, it makes sense to blend them together as a project. During Donna's time working at Bienen School of Music, she has been able to support a variety of graduate students, including doctoral research and application.


Strategy - Finance & Change

Keeping to a budget, fiscal responsibility; teaching ENTREP 395: Startup Finance for the Gig Economy  - foundation in personal finance; Strategic Planning

Strategic planning - coaching and change/leadership change management, development and support

Northwestern University Rep

Donna has presented at various functions at Northwestern University and on behalf of NU.  She is a proud NU alumnus and advocate for past, present and future Wildcats!  She also has been featured at Northwestern University in a variety of areas including NU TeachX 2017, CanvasCon 2016 and more.

Evanston Non-Profits

Donna believes in supporting the non-profits and giving back to the community.  She is always serving on board for a non-profit and giving back to Evanston.  She supports the small business owners and believes that Evanston dollars need to stay in Evanston!

Health & Wellness

Besides coaching kids soccer and basketball, Donna enjoys running, pilates and barre classes. She believes in holistic healthcare and mental health awareness and support. She supports her husband, Dr.Kuan, in his me She supports her husband, Kuan, in his medical practice and advocates for healthcare for all regardless of status.

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